Building products for corporates and scale-ups looking to make billions, not millions.


With Ethereum valued at over $30bn, The DAO raising over $150m and funded by Silicon Valley giants, we’ve founded, lead and built some of the world’s most revolutionary businesses on and off the blockchain.

Through this experience, we’re able to offer game-changing services and insights into everything from creating and building products, to scaling and creating long-term generational wealth for your business. 

Ethereum Foundation

Valued at over $70bn, Ethereum is the defacto platform for issuing smart contracts, conducting token sales and building the next generation of blockchain business.


Raising over $150m, the DAO (at one point) was the world’s largest crowd-funding campaign of all time. The DAO is the gold standard for democracy on the blockchain

Funded by Silicon Valley giants, is building the next generation of the sharing economy, creating fully automated apartments, smart objects and more.


Raising $27m from a private token sale, chiliZ utilises blockchain technology to empower fans to manage their favourite esports organisations.


Developed by an ex-IBM founding team, Jaroona is a revolutionary new blockchain node that acts as an automated, distributed real-time cyper security guardian. 

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